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Warfield Sept 17th


I just receieved my tickets for the Warfield, and for the Wiltern Shows
(Sept 16th, and 17th)

having never been to the SF Weekly Warfield, I was wondering if anyone here has?
my friends and were able to get Floor Tickets, (actually I think anyone can still get them if interested,) anyhow: does the floor at the warfield, require wristbands? or getting to the venue a couple hours ahead to ensure you get a good spot at the front?
is it likely to sell out, or become really crowded?
and if you are from San Francisco, or are going there, or pretty familiar with it- has anyone stayed at the Nikko Hotel?
if so what was it like?
soo is anyone going to the LA and or San Francisco show or Both?

Thanks so much!
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