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Paul Weller community's Journal

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2nd May 2008

love_n_science1:31pm: Weller and Gerner, a match made by the Gods!
Paul Weller is on tour with Liam Gerner right now, and its an awesome double treat! Liam Gerner has one of the sweetest voices I have ever heard. In fact Weller and Liam both played the TCT benefit at the Royal Albert Hall. Weller watched Liam from the side of the stage there and was so impressed that he asked Liam to join him on tour.

You can check out a Liam concert for free online here:

You can also get more info and stuff at Liam myspace here:

The Weller/Gerner dates are:

2nd Oxford, Academy
3rd Oxford, Academy
5th Halifax, Victoria Theatre
6th Stoke, Victoria Hall
8th Blackpool , Empress Ballroom
9th Middlesbrough, Town Hall
11th Doncaster, Dome
12th Derby, Assembly Rooms
14th Motherwell, Concert Hall
15th Dundee, Caird Hall
17th Bournemouth, Opera House
18th Bristol, Colston Hall
19th Leicester, De Montfort Hall
21st London, Hammersmith Apollo
22nd London, Hammersmith Apollo
23rd London, Hammersmith Apollo

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1st April 2008

miauminx5:05pm: Virgin Festival- TO

Is Anyone going to this?

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8th March 2007

walrusoct99:56pm: The Jam on Youtube
I just uploaded a full Jam show from Dortmund, Germany on the Sound Affects tour to Youtube.


If all 22 songs don't show up on the playlist, just hang in there, youtube is a bit slow to update.  All the songs can be accessed through my profile as well.

Enjoy. :)

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20th November 2006

miauminx8:26am: Three Days- of Weller-Jan29-31st
so anyone going to the three days in NYC??
I got my tickets last weds. :D
Current Mood: excited

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15th November 2005

stereolight8:27pm: hi!

Does anyone have the song "You're the best thing" Style Council?


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14th November 2005

lucy3diamonds7:32pm: Hey
Hey, cool community.
I just saw Paul Weller last night in Glasgow - AMAZING. i knew it was gonna be great but he just blew me away!
Current Mood: content

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23rd September 2005

thad_duir12:33am: Toronto Show
I just got home from the concert in Toronto.

It was bloody amazing and Paul was brilliant.

Current Mood: excited

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18th August 2005

miauminx4:22pm: Warfield Sept 17th

I just receieved my tickets for the Warfield, and for the Wiltern Shows
(Sept 16th, and 17th)

having never been to the SF Weekly Warfield, I was wondering if anyone here has?
my friends and were able to get Floor Tickets, (actually I think anyone can still get them if interested,) anyhow: does the floor at the warfield, require wristbands? or getting to the venue a couple hours ahead to ensure you get a good spot at the front?
is it likely to sell out, or become really crowded?
and if you are from San Francisco, or are going there, or pretty familiar with it- has anyone stayed at the Nikko Hotel?
if so what was it like?
soo is anyone going to the LA and or San Francisco show or Both?

Thanks so much!
Current Mood: curious

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5th August 2005

thad_duir2:26pm: Yay!!
I got my tickets today for the Toronto show.  2 tickets for $104

I hope this one doesn't get canceled.

3rd times the charm.
Current Mood: excited

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4th August 2005

american_rose10:07am: from the floor boards up!
wow, that song was good!

You can definitely MR. Weller hs been enjoying the new Libertines though.

I was also surprised on how this is the only "Weller" video that I can think of with an objectified woman in it.

can you name another one?


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6th July 2005

mattyramone4:40pm: classicalbums is up and running. It's a new community designed for people to write about their all-time favorite albums. Join if interested.

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16th November 2004

sofvckinghot8:48am: PAUL WELLER NEWS UPDATE

November 15th 2004

This week we've got a huge Weller update for you - Paul's brand new charity single 'Thinking of You' is released today, both in the stores and as an online download! Also, we've got several Weller prize packs to giveaway, as well as news about brand new merchandise available in the Weller store!

Read more...Collapse )

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6th September 2004

modfun10:46pm: MOD FUN reunion - NJ
Oi!Jam Fans: Dig It ...

MOD FUN reunion Show At The Saint Sat Sept 18 (9pm Doors)
MOD Bowling at The Asbury Lanes Sun Sept 19 (Noon!)

Cheque this out:

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31st May 2004

mattyramone2:23pm: Shameless plug
I created a new mixtape community. Click snobfreemixtape to join.

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4th April 2004

mattyramone3:40pm: What are everyone's general thoughts on the Jam DVD? I loved seeing all the footage, although the poor navigation and the horrid biography on the first disc kind of ruined it for me. It was also interesting to watch Bruce Foxton become visibly more frustrated as the years went by as Weller's more dance-oriented compositions didn't really give him room to let loose on his kit.

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26th December 2003

noels_girlie11:16am: all bow....1....2....3..*BOWS*
hes one sexy beast!!

and he made me wanna be a mod alongside noel gallagher, liam gallagher and seeingQuadrophenia for the first time about 5/6 years ago ive just started to get really into the culture of it all and im up to the 3rd vespa so far!!!

rock on!!!
mods mods we are the mods

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21st December 2003

vainpoppy11:15pm: does anyone have any paul icons they wouldn't mind sharing? thx...XoXo
Current Mood: good

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6th November 2003

walrusoct91:35am: It's been quiet around here...how's everyone doing? Got a couple of pics to post from Chicago a few weeks ago...now I actually have living proof that I got to hang out with Paul and Gem...it wasn't just a dream. :)

Me and Gem Archer of Oasis.

Me and a fairly intoxicated Paul Weller.

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9th October 2003

xpaytriot3:23pm: Weller Tonight
Looks like I am stuck with an extra ticket to tonight's show at the House of Blues in LA. Anyone local want to come along?

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13th June 2003

nothinganything3:07am: Hello!
I'm a huge fricking Paul Weller fan. Check out my cover of "Hung Up" assisted on drums by my former bandmate from Superhype, heavysoul. No backing vocals (arg) but quite a fun little 4-track home recording.

Anyway, hello.
Current Mood: cheerful

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5th June 2003

dirty_mods8:33pm: Utterly FAB!!
A new member to get there groove on!!!
Current Mood: ROGER DALTREY/JAgger

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12th March 2003

changingman1:27pm: weller gets the sack!

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roxy64112:06am: PAUL WELLER to be interview by Janice Long in the next hour or two... Go to the radio2 website via bbc.co.uk for more details

Current Mood: happy

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11th March 2003

changingman1:20pm: Illumination
Have any of you seen the YepRoc Records CD edition of Illumination? I just picked it up at the local Borders here in Portland for a meager 14 dollars. It truly showcases how amazing the man is! It of course has the full length Illumination but also comes with three bonus cuts (Horseshoe Drama, Push Button, Automatic, and Talisman) as well as a DVD with Sunflower, You Do Something To Me and Standing Out in the Universe live and videos for It's Written in the Stars and Leafy Mysteries.


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22nd February 2003

ex_manzano81411:18pm: The Complete Jam on DVD, to be released domestically on Feb. 25th
The Jam's DVD compilation, The Complete Jam, will be released in Region 1 (North America) on February 25.

The list price is $29.98

And it features the following:

  • Disc 1, 1977-79:

    • Live TV: So It Goes, Marc, Revolver, The Old Grey Whistle Test, Something Else

    • The Singles: In the City, Art School, News of the World, Strange Town, Butterfly Collector, When You're Young

    • Multi-angle scrapbook

    • "The Jam: A Time and a Place"

  • Disc 2, 1980-82:

    • Live TV (Newcastle City Hall Concert): Check It Out, Something Else, Mandagsborsen, Popkrant, The Tube

    • The Singles: Going Underground, The Dreams of Children, Start!, That's Entertainment, Funeral Pyre, Absolute Beginners, Town Called Malice, Precious, Just Who Is the 5 O'Clock Hero?, The Bitterest Pill

    • Multi-angle scrapbook

    • "Scene: The Fan Phenomenon"

    • Full-screen format

    Click here to be directed to the listing on Amazon.com

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